Photo 336

I’ve always admired the albatross – not just from a literary standpoint, although they have inspired many others, Coleridge included. The albatross flies over the ocean for days at a time, searching for food on the open seas, or riding the winds to unknown lands. They have a special tendon near their wing joint that allows them to lock their wings, and so be able to glide for hours at a time without exerting any effort. For me, they represent independence and progression, the two things I need to keep writing.

And no, this will not be a bird blog, but it is another large part of what I do and why. I was able to use an albatross for the branding on my book, and it fits really well.

I ended up at the Islands Library yesterday for a bit, and drove to Wilmington Island while the sun went down – I’m not sure if you’ve been, but the marsh stretches out for miles, and the clouds were hanging low over the reeds and water. It was misty, and cool, and lit orange and pink by the sun. It was beautiful, and peaceful. A scene I would gladly fly over if I was, say, and albatross.


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