Let’s all go Geocaching

I have a story for you, a long and involved story with no particular point,

a story about a purple back-pack I bought the summer I visited New Jersey

and your brother hid under the board walk with a dollar in his hand

to slide between the slats, and we tried not to laugh when people stooped to reach for it.

I brought the new backpack home and started college – started trying to fit every book on

Kate Chopin into it, late night snacks, a water bottle when my sister insisted.

I lost keys and my Burt’s Bees in it again and again, finding them with effort.

Soon, a tear reached from one end of the front zipper to another-

My sister was binding books with wax thread, and I applied an orange strand

giving the bag the appearance of teeth.

I took it to the ocean and filled it with salt and sand

I took it to Mom’s and she filled it with soap and warm water.

The week before I was going to fly to Colorado to meet his mom, I left it in

the front seat of the car, parked on a side street, and headed to Art Walk without it.

I got halfway home that night before I realized: My wallet, my makeup bag, my notes

from class, my keys and the keys to the house I was petsitting for, well,

they had vanished.

We started a city wide search

We filed a report at the Station

We combed the surrounding bushes and trash cans, hoping, swearing it would never

happen again if just please, let me find it.

I returned home without my purple back pack.

The next day, we got a call from the Police, the Jacksonville Police, who were going to

file a missing persons report because a backpack and ID were found in a ditch, and they wanted to know if I was still alive.

My Mother said “She’s right here, I’m looking right at her.”

We met at the Gate gas station on I-95 and there, on the hood of the Sheriff’s Car,

I saw my trusty backpack. It was wet with dew, my keys and cards were missing, and most of my makeup was ruined. The orange wax thread was gone – the bag grinned a toothless smile at me as it passed from Officer to Owner.

I had my ID, I had more wax thread, the culprits spent $199 in gas and split town, flinging my bag from the passenger side as they fled west.

Someone found my beautiful bag in the ditch on a country road while Geocaching. They called to Police to file a missing persons report, and kindly placed it in their hands, where it found it’s way back into mine.

My mom washed my bag, not for the last time, and later that week I flew to the mountains. It only seemed fair that we should both take in the view.



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