Dinner Party

Yesterday, I finally began painting my bedroom. I’ve been here since early June but have been sleeping on the couch until we could sort through some of my Uncle’s belongings and make a few repairs. Several years ago, a tree fell on the roof right above the front bedroom. My Aunt has since repaired the roof and my dad chopped up the tree, but the ceiling and wall plaster are still flaky and cracked. We hired someone to scrape the old plaster and patch and sand the spots that needed repairing. Anyway, yesterday the plaster was dry enough and I had my gallon of paint, brushes, rollers and drop-cloth READY. The paint I picked out was dubbed ‘Silverberry’ which, on the sample, looks like a light purple with blues and grays mixed in. As soon as I put the paint on the wall, all I could think was blueberry yogurt. The paint dried on a dark pastel and it was awful. I knew it was awful. I continued to paint because I was hoping I wouldn’t have to go back to Lowe’s and a part of me was thinking maybe it would look better in the daylight.

It didn’t. I woke up and thought of yogurt all over again. I was able to return the paint at Lowe’s and picked out ‘Super Nova’ which was so light it looked like white compared to the other colors I had in mind. I slapped it on the wall and couldn’t tell much of a difference. While it dried, I painted white Killz over the yogurt stuff and managed to get it all over my hands and some on the wall. Super Nova finally dried into the most perfect, beautiful light purple I have ever seen. Whoever named the paint had clearly never seen the actual color or an actual Super Nova, but who cares. I listened to Disney Soundtracks and painted most of the afternoon until it was time to get ready for dinner.

Living on a Farm means if you try and get ready to go anywhere, you need several back up plans and the possibility you may not go at all. Last time I tried to meet a friend who was visiting the School of the Deaf, we had an apocalyptic storm and the lights flickered and went out. In Savannah, I would need 20, maybe 30 minutes to shower, change, and head out the door. This is not the case on a farm. I am usually far more dirty here – in this case, covered in oil based primer – than I was in Savannah. My clothes have not all been in one place since I got here, so finding the necessities takes more time too. Also, I did not have any animals in Savannah, and here we have a farm-full. Once I had showered and put on a dress, the dog that is so innocently laying by my feet now decided to escape and tree 4 raccoon’s. Coons carry diseases that transmit to horses, and they will destroy the garden – especially the beautiful corn stalks that are just beginning to show corn. I went outside with the other dog and the rifle, wondering if I could actually take the shot.

Then I remembered why I was in a dress with wet hair, and managed to drag the dogs away. The kittens that are now lounging innocently in the sun rushed through the door and began searching the counters for any food I had not yet put away.Then I saw the very pregnant Mama cat make a break for the basement. Mama cat managed to somehow get knocked up before we took her to the vet, so our 5 cats is going to turn into 5+ very soon. Last time she decided to have her kittens in Nana’s fireplace, so this time around we have provided her with a wonderful laundry basket full of towels in the front bathroom. A basket that apparently doesn’t suit her, as she wants to explore the basement instead.

As far as basements go, ours is terrifying. Even Sadie doesn’t know what all is down there. Definitely not safe for Mama Cat or her mystery number of kittens. It took a while, but I managed to catch her before she went through the insulation tear between the basement ceiling and the main floor. Once I got the dogs and Mama Cat back in, and the 3 kittens out, I took Nana her supper and left for dinner with a basket of zucchini and squash. And with white primer on my hands and mud on my boots.


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