Time Flies.

Well Hello September,

I’m ashamed it’s been this long since I’ve posted anything – I’ve been writing plenty, just not here. But it’s Labor Day, a time to rest from the regular work and play catch up or house cat or party all day long. The dog is napping at my feet, Nana’s oxygen machine is pumping full steam, and she just put on a collection of Hayden. I can still hear the rooster over that and the dog snoring, it being a Holiday and all I figured they could have a full day in the grass and what’s left of the garden, instead of just a few hours in the afternoon. So much has happened since early August, I don’t quite know where to begin.

We’re “done” with renovations in the house, and I say done loosely because when Sadie and I get together, we are sure to cook something else up. The kitchen looks beautiful, my Mom picked out a new chandelier, (yes, my wonderful mother was here and I haven’t written about that either.) the cabinets have a fresh coat of paint called Cream in My Coffee which apparently won color of the year – do they take a vote on something like that? Oh, and we got new counters and a new sink, which I am happy to say is big enough for to fill a 5-gallon bucket, which makes watering plants and critters that much easier!

My room is wonderful, I’ve finished 2 books since it was completed, but can never quite decide if I should settle on the bed or in the chair. Decisions decisions..I feel so pampered. My bathroom took the longest to paint, even though it’s the smallest room in the house, go figure. The dining room looks amazing with barn wood and no wallpaper, Sadie and I hung my Grandfather’s tobacco basket, a long saw, and her mirror framed by an old horse-collar. Even a horse shoe over the hallway. We now have a ‘parlor’ – which is an old bedroom converted to a TV room that is now a parlor. My mom went all out decorating, and we took out a sectional couch and recliner, so we can actually walk in there. It’s really nice. She hung ring-bits I found in the tack room above the entry to the dining room, it looks fantastic.

Hanging lights in those rooms and the hallway ellicited more profanity from our repair-man than I had heard his entire duration. I can’t tell you how many fuses he blew and wires he smoked out. Living in a farm house that was built in the 40’s means old wires and rotten casing. We’ve hired a professional electrician who will replace it with interior 12/2 wiring, so everything will be up to date, which also means no smoking. Anyway, aside from painting my Aunt’s room and the trim in the hallway (Mom picked out a beautiful gray called Limestone or Granite or something as equally solid) I’d say the inside is complete.

As for outside, we need to re-string several fence-lines, paint the house and install gutters. We took the electric fence down from around the front yard, and plan on using it to separate the stud horses from the mares, so they both have access to shelter and water (from the creek) this winter. Which will cut down on chore time significantly. Leaving more time for pigs. Yes, Sadie wants pigs. I will cross that bridge when we get to it. This past weekend, a neighbor who lives across the street from my parents came to town for a wedding and stayed with us. She had some great ideas about landscaping, utilizing the UT Agriculture department and plants native to the area. She helped me diagnosing a few plants and recommended we get soil samples taken to see what levels we need to add and remove. Brilliant.

A few weeks ago, I couldn’t tell you when, I began helping my Aunt Lisa with her Magazines at the Bingham Group. A few assignments later, I get an official email address and an office. You’re looking at their newest copy writer and proof-reader! She releases Monroe Life quarterly, McMinn Life, and recently begun Farragut Life. We went to Sweetwater to interview Antique Stores, got a history lesson on the Sloan Stores, and I have conducted several other interviews around the area. It’s amazing to get to do what I learned in school, and get paid for it! I only work about 25-30 hours a week, between that and the farm, I’ve stayed pretty busy.

I got to ride Saturday, and Wednesday. Tug looks amazing, all the horses have really filled out since we are no longer over-pasture. We took the studs off the back pasture because it needs time to rest too. I’ve been riding across the road on the land where Sadie was married, where my Grandfather used to keep his Angus Cattle and cut hay. The river sweeps around the bend and off again, and Tug’s first look at a jet-ski was definitely memorable. It’s getting cooler in the air, nothing dramatic, but you can feel it in the wind, and especially in the early morning. Trees have already begun to shed their browning leafs, and it makes me sad to see their curled and crumpled bodies covering the green grass. Sadie says Fall is a time to rest, and I know that’s what the land needs, but Tennessee is so beautiful dressed in bright green. As beautiful as autumn is here, that’s the color I will miss the most.

Casey woke up and is barking at the door, but I am set on getting a better routine since renovations have ended, and promise not to go 6 weeks without writing again. Let’s see what else I can get into today – Happy Labor Day!


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