Dr. Vet, New Kittens and an Opossum

 I’ve lost 2 hens this week so I have been locking them up every night, and letting them out when it gets light (Yes, Roosters crow when the sun comes up because they and their hens want out). I went up there in a pair of too-big boots with a lantern, a dog and 3 cats, and we found an opossum.

Let me tell you, I’m not one to go to a gun range and shoot all day, but that was the first time in my life I wished for a gun. I would have blasted that sucker and not felt one bit upset about it. He/She has been stealing my eggs and took two of my better hens, and he needs to go. I didn’t have a gun, but I found a 2×4 and that thing sailed over the fence and just about got him. He took off and I scared every bird, cat and horse on the lot. I was mad. I checked the coop for any other free loaders and locked everyone up.

On Sunday I let the chickens out per usual and fed the horses, and my neighbor called and said one of our mares got tangled up in wire “bad.” On the farm, there are accidents – there are cuts and scrapes and bruises. Then there are hens that go missing and horses that get out, but no one is much hurt. Then there are things that happen that are bad. When she said tangled up in wire bad, it means its bad. My Aunt went and got the mare and brought her to our barn, and it was bad. The vet came out and gave her antibiotics and drugs for the pain, but we have to flush the wound out twice a day. The one mare we have been working on to sell gets tangled up in the fence and gets gashed. It happens.

When I got back from the barn, I found one of the cats decided to nest in the laundry basket in my closet and bring 5 new kittens into the world. We now have 10 cats. Which is too many, but how do you decide which ones to keep? You tell me. So much for going to church. I settled down with Nana when Sadie went to work and we watched T.D. Jakes talk about Christ’s resurrection. That man can preach, he had everyone yelling hallelujah, Nana and myself included. Just another day on the farm, and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.


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