Duck Eggs are better for baking.

Well I hate to report that my Drake who thought he was a chicken has found a new home. I noticed him and the Rooster squabbling the other day, and chalked it up to the leftover biscuits I was sprinkling around the yard. He went after Doc twice more after that, and the last time, he had him so firmly by the tail that I had to grab him around the neck to get him to let go. A sweet lady named Mandy picked him up the next afternoon and sent me a picture of him next to his beautiful new girlfriend. I was going to swear off ducks entirely, I even threw out the cracked blue kiddie-pool Mom and I got last year. But my two Pekin girls lay so well, and enjoy being chickens so much, I couldn’t part with them too. They have no problem with the rooster or hens, but for some reason are terrified of me. I don’t know why. I carry water up every day and feed them all sorts of goodies. They won’t even get within 10 feet of me. At least Gregory would waddle over and say hello.

Keeping Regina and Gretchen meant I needed another place for them to bathe. An old metal tub that we were using to water the donkey, that he so kindle kicked a dent in, turned out to be perfect. They can both fit in there and splash around. I finally caved and bought a 100ft hose that reaches from the broken spigot at the end of the yard all the way to the edge of the coop. Who knows what I will do in winter but for now, it’s much easier cleaning and filling their new bath. They love being sprayed with the hose too, I did that the other day until my thumb fell asleep. The ducks were clean, and the chickens disgruntled.

For the garden, all that’s left is tall okra, browning corn stalks, and wilting sunflowers. Oh, and peppers! We gave the remainder of the bean vines to the chickens and mowed over what was left of the tomatoes. We had so much rain early on, that most of them busted – where they split down one side – and we ended up buying a box from Tim, the local produce store owner. We canned a small batch, but it wasn’t anything to sneeze at. It was a good year for squash and zucchini, and that’s about it. We almost planted a patch of greens, but maybe next year. For now, our funny farm totals 1 gelding, 1 stud, 2 donkeys, 6 mares and a colt. We have 2 dogs, 10 cats (I know), 2 ducks, 8 hens, 2 chicks and 2 roosters. It’s a chore getting everyone fed in the morning and then heading to work, but Sadie and I make a great team.


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