Questions you ask on the farm

Do you want me to fix you a plate?

Have you eaten?

Did you check the stock?

Is the sink draining?

Do we have trash bags?

Do we have any more fire wood?

Have you fed the dogs?

Can you make a pot of coffee?

How’s Nana?

Have you fed the cats?

Do you need a bath?

Do we need anything from town?

Have you seen my other boot?

Is there gas in the Explorer?

Is there gas in the 4-wheeler?

Is there gas in the mower?

Do we have enough horse feed?

Have you checked the chickens today?

Can you let the dogs out?

Can you let the cats in?

How many eggs did we get today?

Can I borrow some socks?

Is the van unlocked?

Can you bring me the paper?

Do I need to go to the bread store?

Did you have a good day?

Is the gate locked?

Is the tack room locked?

Do we need to roll out more hay?

Is the water hose off?

Are you ready for bed?


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