I realize I posted a very sad Eeyore themed post the other day and never talked about Casey coming home. She showed up at 5:30 in the morning, barking at the door, and trotted through the kitchen like nothing had every happened at all. It took Sadie and I a while to get back to sleep, but we did!

I am currently at a coffee shop – I know, crazy right? Other than stopping by a place in Farragut, this is the first time I have ever purposefully left the farm to write at a coffee shop. My friend Charity and I showed up, sleepy, with a list of tasks to accomplish. We ordered our coffee and are now sitting in big arm chairs by a fire, the lights are low and Christmas Jazz is playing. If it wasn’t for the delicious coffee, I think we’d both be asleep by now.

It’s nice, to relax, to come to a place where you feel like your at home but you know your bed isn’t in the next room, that you can’t head there until you’ve checked a few things off your list.  Updating my blog isn’t on the list, but it’s so nice here I couldn’t help it. Plus it’s too cold and grey outside to do much of anything else.

When I lived in Savannah, there were several shops I would go to, to read or write or catch up with a friend. Being in Tennessee, it feels a little different. Also, the farm is at least 15 minutes from anywhere – it isn’t a very long drive, but long enough to make you think twice about heading out. Even just for coffee.

Depending on how icy the roads get this winter, I might just have to escape to Spiz to keep from going stir crazy. Although there is no place like home! My family is coming up after Christmas, I’m so excited. Sadie and I haven’t decorated yet, but we have talked about it. We did start decorating at work, I turned around and there was a fake tree in the lobby. I got one in my office that has teacups on it – go figure.

I’m thankful to put last week behind us, there are a few surprises coming up this month that I am excited about. Stay tuned, you never know what could happen at the farm!



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