Clever Girl

I have returned to the blogging world from a coma of Christmas Cookies, accidental naps, strings of lights and cedar tree splinters. I’m sure many of you are resurfacing from the most wonderful time of year to find your schedule somewhat wrecked and your bank account gasping. That’s where I am, anyway. And I loved every minute of it.

After my sister came to visit, we traveled to Florida to surprise my Dad and got to celebrate Christmas together. She then flew back to Montana, while my other sister and I made the drive back to the farm, getting in a wreck on the way there. Thankfully, the only thing hurt was her car! After a trip to Enterprise, we got into a Prius (I know right) and headed home.

I surprised her with her childhood horse, who we found living in Georgia, and we began a week of riding, pleasant weather, and lots of trips to the chicken coop.

The rest of my family joined us Christmas evening, it was wonderful to have them at the farm. My Dad asked why I hadn’t been writing, but everyone gets busy around the Holiday’s. Plus, I wanted to enjoy the food and my family, writing about all our adventures could happen later.

And it’s later. I’m back at Sipz, trying to prepare for tomorrow. I don’t have any specific Resolution’s, keeping the Farm going is enough of a commitment in itself.

But I do hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday! We sure did – I put my family to work as soon as they got here. We took a trip to the local dump, pressure washed the sidewalks, my Dad and brother chopped and split more wood than I would care to think about. Mom and my sister painted Sadie’s room and finished the hallway, which I began back in August.

Mom washed all the dishes twice and had the washer and dryer going non-stop. We cooked and cleaned and cooked again, it was wonderful having them around.

They headed home Thursday, and I got to see some good friends from Savannah and ring in the New Year over venison stew and Uno Attack! Friday my cousins came over, we brushes and fed horses, found enough wood for another bonfire and enjoyed more than 1 s’more.

Yesterday I was home alone for the first time since..well, I think ever. It was a cold day but the sun was out, I hayed the horses and let the Chickens out to peck. It was peaceful, restful after all the busy-ness. And here we are today, preparing to head back to deadlines and the real world.

If I had a resolution, I believe it would be to read well and write more. Hold me to it, my anonymous and not-so-anonymous readers, I am full of inspiration!


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