I woke up this morning to a WINTER WONDERLAND! All the snow cliches – how it’s beautiful, powdery, magical, glittering and silent – it’s all true! I’m from Florida you know so this is my first snow: not the first time I’ve seen it, but the first time I’ve lived in it. Sand? Sure, burning hot lava sand, sand full of sticker burrs, hard wet sand, sand with shells in it, I’m a pro. But snow? I know 0% about snow. Except that it’s amazing and I’m afraid after a few days I won’t be this excited.

Every time I look outside I think, my gosh, it’s snowing! I feel like a kid. The dogs love it, we made tracks all over the yard, then the snow covered them up. Casey and I played fetch with a chunk of ice from the water trough. The horses have ice in their manes and whiskers. Tug was bucking and kicking like a 2 year old. They all get each other excited then they trot around, snorting and tossing their heads, their tails high. It’s a snow day!

Sadie’s off work and I’ve been writing from home, it’s absolutely beautiful. We got several inches – it’s no Montana, but it’s lovely. Everything is covered in puffy, white snow that looks like frosting or powdered sugar. The mountains are just shapes beyond the clouds, it’s falling in big, beautiful flakes, slowly and quietly.

The roof of the barn is completely white, all the tree branches look like something out of a postcard, or a puzzle. Cardinals and Bluebirds pick up what grain the horses left, their bright feathers stand out in the snow.

It’s snowing, I’m wearing socks and we built a fire. Sadie made hot coco – it’s crazy! I feel like I’m in a movie. What other snowy adjectives are there? It definitely looks like a blanket, someone absolutely got that one right. It’s cold – for sure, it bites. And that’s why they call it frost bite. So many things are coming together, this is truly amazing.

We got some round hay bales from the neighbors, he dropped them off earlier in their shiny tractor. It’s nice, we won’t need to worry about the horses and donkeys running out in the middle of the night. At least for a few days.

Right now I’m cozy and snug, we just came in from checking everyone’s water. My hat and coat are hung by the fire, dripping on the floor like something out of a Campbells soup commercial. The chickens self-watering container broke so they have a bucket on the ground for now. Water expands when it freezes, just in case you didn’t know. The ducks are as happy as can be! They are both in the yard, enjoying it. The hens are huddled inside, they stand on one foot so the other one stays warm. I stayed nice and cozy in my snow boots and coveralls, and hat and scarf and gloves from Goodwill. Just my nose got chilly!

It about 20 degrees, it will continue to snow today, we will see about tomorrow and Friday. Sadie is making chicken and rice soup for dinner, yumm. I’m going to read and let the cats lounge around as they like to do. Maybe a little later Tug and I can ride down the rode and mess up all that beautiful white powder with some new tracks in the snow. Snow! Can you believe it?



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