Slush Day

This morning I woke up and saw all the snow laying on the ground again, it was beautiful. The sun made an appearance. I went up to break ice for the chickens and everything sparkled and glittered like crystal. It was very quiet and still, the snow had stopped falling but it still covered the ground. Casey and I made our tracks up the hill and down, we grained the horses and I took Zoom’s blanket off.

It got up to the 40’s today, which turned all that beautiful white snow into slush. What a terrible word. It’s wet and cold and slippery and gross. The snow melted completely off the southern hills, the grass poked through the melting snow and wherever I stepped was muddy.

The snow melted off the barn, dripping off the edges of the roof and puddling on the ground. Sadie made pea salad and I took the scraps to the chickens, they still won’t leave the coop!

We have a routine now for going out, there’s an importance sequence to getting dressed to go out, I’m getting it down slowly but surely. First, I find my boots. If Casey has carried one off or hidden it under a chair, you need to be able to reach for it without wearing a thick coat and a hat. I put on socks, then snow pants, then my boots, then a sweater, followed by a thick jacket, whichever beanie isn’t wet, and gloves.

Gloves are a win/lose. You keep your fingers warm and dry, but then you sacrifice dexterity. There are 2-3 gates between me and whichever animal I need to get to, I usually pull my right glove off with my teeth and hold it in my mouth until the latch is undone and then re-done.

Side note: always close the gate behind you, and latch it. Always. A horse could get out, yes, but there is the chance you won’t go back the way you came. You might have to duck under the fence somewhere or the neighbor will drive by and offer you a ride to the store, you could be interrupted by a phone call or the dinner bell, or any number of things.

I’ve been very surprised at how warm I’ve been the past few days. Sadie stoked the fire up when we got back from the barn, its almost 80 degrees in the house now, it’s very nice.

I ventured out earlier this evening to go to the Dollar General. Since the snow had melted off the roads, I felt comfortable enough driving. Of course both of the dogs went too. I purchased 4 things:

  • Mayonnaise
  • Toilet Paper
  • Cat Food
  • Cat Litter

What you might call the essentials – I do, anyway. Considering it’s freezing outside now, Sadie and I don’t have the heart to keep the cats outside. Anyway, I was pushing my little yellow cart out to the van, with both dogs watching, and I got stuck in the slush. “How miserable” I thought to myself.

Now I realize this isn’t Alaska, it’s not even Wisconsin or Kansas. We only got 3-4 inches of snow, which mostly melted the next day. But have you ever tried to push a tiny shopping cart through slush? It was awful. I ditched the cart and carried everything to the van. I won’t be doing that again.

I made it safely home and Sadie made soup-beans, I fixed some corn bread and we made coleslaw (with my victory mayonnaise). It’s about ready and it smells wonderful. It’s passed dinnertime but considering the chickens, dogs and cats are in for the night, and fed, the horses have hay and slushy water, and Zoom is safely in the barn with his blanket back on, it’s kind of a victory. I’m ready to eat.

Tomorrow we are supposed to get sleet – which is an entirely new experience for me, but I think I already know that I might hate it. It’s supposed to rain all night, rain + super cold = miserable. If the power lines freeze then we might be in trouble, but so far we’re warm and cozy. We will be snowed in this weekend, but I’ve got a good book and plenty of fire wood, so far it’s fine with me.

Stay warm!



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