Out Sick

I’m the type of person who enjoys rest. I like naps, I like sitting on the porch, I like reading by a window. But for an hour, maximum. There’s just too much to DO on a farm, projects, things to fix, new and fun ideas, you can’t stay down for long.

Unless your sick. I have some kind of weird, sinus thing which makes me feel fatigued. What an awful word, who has time for that? Sadie tells me I need to rest, and my mother says I should listen to my body. They are both absolutely right, but how can I rest when the sun is out? When there’s chickens in the yard and horses in the field?

I’m eating soup, I have got tea and orange Gatorade but..gosh it’s kind of boring. I don’t know what to do with myself. I’ve been watching movies and listening to music. The cats love it, they lounge in bed with me, toes curled and eyes closed. They love napping all day. I’ve been down for one day and I’m over it.

There’s not a lot to report, I’m afraid. I ordered a shirt online and the UPS guy was the first person I had seen since Sadie went to work. Other than that I’m just waiting to feel better. It’s very, very cold outside. We had snow yesterday, it’s been in the 20’s. Sadie put hay out this morning and wouldn’t let me outside. I’m definitely not cut out for this!


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