Flat Tire

We had an interesting morning today. I woke up to several inches of snow, and it was coming down fast! Absolutely beautiful, and cold. Very cold. With my seal cough, Sadie volunteered to feed up. I took Nana her coffee and opened her curtains so we could watch it fall. I wanted cheese grits for breakfast, turned on the wrong eye, then used the crystallized sea salt instead of the ground up kind. It went to the chickens and we all had cereal.

When Sadie got ready to go to work, she noticed the tire on the Ford Exploder was flat. She brought the air compressor down from the shop and I plugged it in with an extension cord. The motor ran fine, but the output gauge remained at 0. Which is about all we know about air compressors. I called our neighbor, Winston, and he brought a portable tank over. They filled the tire in a few minutes and took a look at the compressor. Something about a release valve coming loose, I couldn’t tell you.

Winston loaded it up to take to his shop, he told us he might be able to take it apart for an easy fix. I helped Sadie out of her coveralls so she could change for work and she headed off down the snowy road. It’s really beautiful out here, there’s snow laying on every branch and it covers the roof of the barn in one, perfect white sheet. The robins and Cardinals stand out bright against the clean background. I hope it sticks through the night!



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