Late Nights and Pork Chops, Part 1

My Mom and my sister just left, we had an amazing weekend on the farm. I miss them. If I don’t write about it now I’m afraid I will forget something.

They arrived around 1:30am Friday, after leaving Jacksonville Florida when Becca got off work. We should have all gone to bed then but no, we wanted to go see Zoom. Out the door we went, bundled up with the dogs in tow. Snow covered the ground and it was cold, we walked around the field looking for him until we found him by the barn. We got back to the house around 2 and sat and talked with Nana for a while, it was so good to see them!

The next day Becca rose bright and early, I did not. After several cups of coffee we ventured out to feed and water the chickens, break ice on the water troughs, and check on Zoomie again. It was cold but the snow was melting, there was a lot of work to do! Mom got started on Nana’s room, which was full of laundry, clean sheets, cleaning supplies, magazines, christmas candles, unhung pictures, a puzzle, an office chair and boxes of dishes.

I hooked the Exploder up to the flat bed trailer and we pulled the old blue leather sofa and recliner out of the shop, which fit nicely on the trailer. I drove back down to the house and we got the mattress and box spring which originally belonged to my uncles MOTHER. That thing was like sleeping on springs itself. We strapped the box spring across the couches, added a broken floor lamp and Nana’s broken closet door, shoved the other mattress in the back of the Exploder and took off, orange Gatorade in the cup holder and country music on the radio.

Halfway to the road we lost the lamp, I tied it to the trailer by it’s cord and we added a few bungie’s to the pile. Once we got to the dump, the coffee had kicked in. We swarmed all over the trailer like ants on a sugar rush. In went the broken blue recliner that smelled faintly of cat pee, the box spring, the sections of couch, the lamp, the door, and the mattress. The giant dumpster crunched it up and it was gone in a flash. We hopped back in the Exploder and headed to the Chop House.

Whenever my Mom comes to town, she eats at the Chop House. It’s good food, reminds me of a Cheddar’s or a Chili’s if they took out the bar and the TV’s. We ordered pork chops, salads, and I caved on a slice of cheesecake. While we waited, we walked over to the liquor store, which happened to be next door.

I was wearing muddy boots, black jeans, a red flannel shirt with barbwire holes in it and a brown beanie. Becca was wearing my Uncle’s rubber boots, jeans, and an olive green jacket made out of some kind of corduroy. Her hair was in a braid, but there was probably hay in it. We walked in like we owned the place, and I asked the lady behind the counter what was the best Tennessee made beverage they had?

I’ve lived here long enough to have known she would have taken us straight to the moonshine. “This one is only 90 proof, but this 112 proof is good too.” Becca and I didn’t have to even look at each other but I knew what she was thinking. We politely browsed the moonshine aisle until she left, then we settled on a 4 pack of beer and left. 112 proof, can you imagine?

We picked up our meal from the Chop House and headed home. Mom had completely cleaned Nana’s room. Everything was neat and tidy, dusted and vacuumed. There were at least 12 garbage bags in the hallway. We made a keep pile, a trash pile, and a giveaway pile. All that clutter didn’t stand a chance.

After enjoying our pork chops, salad and cheesecake, Becca and I returned to the barn. A man came to look at buying Seeker, we saddled her up and he test rode her in the round pen. Long story short, they didn’t feel like a good fit for each other. Seeker was my Uncle’s personal horse, I wanted to make sure she went to a good home.

We turned her back out and returned to the house to help finish Nana’s room. When Sadie got home from work we all sat in Nana’s room, talking and laughing and telling stories. I love living at the farm, but it is so much better to have some of my family there too. Becca and I settled down to watch a film she recommended, Unbranded, a documentary that is currently on Netflix. We made it to about 11pm before deciding to crash.

The next morning, Valentine’s Day, mom brought us each a card. Becca’s had a watercolor on the front and mine came with a bookmark! We stayed in bed and finished Unbranded, which I would highly recommend you to watch. We finally got up and made our rounds with the animals. Mom moved a big dresser and hung some paintings in Nana’s room, which made a huge difference. It really looks beautiful now, she knows what she’s doing. I’d upload pictures if I had any.

That’s all for now, more to come.



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