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7.2 Cubic Feet

I don’t think I’ve had too many rough nights here, other than the dogs barking at the occasional opossum, or that one time Casey didn’t come home until almost dawn. Sleep is good on a farm, it’s the reward for a job well done. It means you have a leg-up on tomorrow because whatever you accomplished today must have been significant for you to feel this tired. I’ve been in bed for almost 30 minutes, it feels good to be still. There are 3 cats on my bed, bathing, all is well.

My parents say I’ve always been a good sleeper (See my Baby Book, early years, my Dad wrote ‘she is very hard to wake up in the morning’), but I don’t know when I have ever slept as good as I do at the farm. Sadie got home a little while ago and I didn’t even get up – we had a big day yesterday.

Saturday¬†morning I woke up when Lowe’s called and informed me that our new dryer was on the truck, we were on the schedule for delivery that afternoon. Our dryer died, I know I haven’t mentioned that, or much of anything, recently. Nana has been in and out of the hospital, my Mom came for a week to help and I started a new job. So anyway, our dryer died and Mom helped me decide on a new one. I got a new toilet too, Randy installed it yesterday, and left the old toilet outside the kitchen window. I actually considered planting something in it and leaving it there. I don’t know when I will have time for a trip to the dump!

Sadie and I had wheaties for breakfast, which I have spent my whole life hating until recently (along with sweet potatoes – go figure). She went to work and I went out to feed and water and make sure everyone was still standing. Uncle Rick stopped by and brought us a jar of local honey with the comb still in it. He stuck around until the dryer arrived, the delivery guys were cracking jokes about me making them a sandwich.

If my Mom was still in town, I’m positive she would have made them one. I laughed along, but I don’t think they got the hint: Muddy rubber boots, jeans with dirt on them, a shirt with pieces of hay on it, and a messy pony tail are not the best recipe for “making you a sandwich”. If I had cared to make them one, which I didn’t, it would have definitely contained mud, hay, or hair. Or maybe all three, we will never know.

Our new dryer is bee-utiful. It’s a Samsung, it matches the washer we bought last summer, and holds 7.2 cubic feet of damp towels, a few weeks worth of laundry, or even a horse blanket. And it’s quiet as a mouse – definitely worth all the sandwich talk.

Anyway so once that was sorted, I got Zoom out and let him graze in the bright green spring grass that sprung up behind the wood shed. It was cool and windy out, a grey sky, but still beautiful. The chickens pecked at the seeds the birds dropped from the feeder, the cats were lounging as they love to do, and I listened to Zoom munching.

Around 3 or so, Travis pulled up with his two kids, Sadie called him earlier this week and asked him to cut the grass and weed-eat the banks that drop down to the road. I love being outside, and I love working on the yard, but it was a relief to know he was going to tackle the big stuff. The kids and I picked up sticks, raked leaves – which they had to roll around in first – and I got to break in my new loppers.

I may have gotten carried away…Any sapling smaller than 3 inches around went down. Boxwood, as beautiful as they can be, spring up in the oddest places. They throw out runners and then before you know it, there’s a forest where a field should be. We were outside until dark, it was great.

I helped blow off the driveway, then we all went inside and had chicken and dumplings. You haven’t lived until you have eaten Sadie’s chicken and dumplings, I’m sorry. His daughter and I shared a big bowl, then they loaded up and went home. I checked the animals before I called it a night, throwing the horses a little extra hay because it was getting chilly, then the dogs, cats an I went inside.

You never know what a day may hold on the farm, but you are guaranteed lots of fresh air, a great meal, and an even better nights sleep. Goodnight all, hope your weekend was full of sunshine and working appliances.


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