A to Zoe

Just ate a cold chicken leg and it was probably the best thing that’s happened to me all night. Sadie knows what she’s doing, she could fry award-winning chicken in her sleep. Where did I leave off? Spring has sprung at the farm and it’s truly magical. Everything in sight is neon green, with a nice cool breeze and a clear blue sky.

The horses are certainly feeling their oats, they run across the field, over the creek and rush up the hill when it’s time for breakfast. Last night, I heard hooves going across the pasture. Even though I couldn’t seem them, I pictured all four of them bucking and kicking, running around each other like ballet dancers on a stage. And the donkey following along behind at her own pace, closing the curtain with a bray and a bow.

We decided to have a garden this year – with Nana in and out of the hospital, we debated taking the year off but Sadie and I both love it so much, we’re going for it. I need to get a load of sawdust to put the onion sets in, but the Explorer has a flat tire and our air compressor quit. Sadie picked up a new one Saturday, but I have yet to get it out of the box! It’s a work in progress.

Long story short, we fostered a goldie mix last fall, she was with us for almost two weeks and I fell in love. She belonged to a man who lived up the road and had been out of town that week, he took her back and I hated to see her go. She would get out from time to time and stop by the farm, she stayed with me one rainy afternoon when I was fixing fence, sometimes she would come by for a drink and a pat before heading on her way.

Last week, he drove by and told Sadie she had ran off again and he was going to get rid of her. I was in the barn, hard-brush in my hand and Tug dozing by the gate, when they came in to tell me the news. Scott took his ball cap off, scratched his head, and sighed. He said “I’m gettin’ rid uver, if yew wanner she’s yours.” I looked at Sadie and smiled, and that was it. “She’s dun run off, if yew finder yew can ‘ave er.”

Sadie walked him back to the road and I saddled up Tug and we went down to the red barn, I was grinning from ear to ear. We loped around in the fresh green grass, the sun was shining and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. After we were both out of breath, we cooled off and headed home. At the end of that stunning, rippling green field, I saw a gold flash. She was bounding across the grass, head and tail up. I whooped and she ran right over, we chased each other back to the house and Sadie let her in the front door.

She’s been home ever since. I re-named her Zoe, because let’s face it, she needs to be the last animal we get for a while. Although between Sadie and I, that’s probably unlikely.  She said “You can bring home anything you want, as long as it isn’t a snake.” Sadie has a thing for snakes, I have a things for wasps. We balance each other out.




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