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A Letter from my Grandfather

This is a letter Charles wrote in January of 1981 to his daughters, Melinda and Melissa Bingham. The return address reads “Glamour Manor” and it was written on the back of a Production Credit Association page, with ‘Eleven convenient locations, financing at reasonable costs and short term loans available for farm improvements, livestock, machinery and operating expenses.’

Dear Hearts and Gentle People,

Your Mother and myself got home Monday at 7:00pm. The Preacher’s muffler fell down Sunday afternoon just before we started up the mountain. Sadie was driving and it didn’t scare her or your mother too bad. Then the truck wouldn’t start. I had to use new jumper cables. Tied the muffler up with a coat hanger. After that everything went fine. Sadie’s house will pass a light inspection. I never was so cold as I was Monday morning. I slept on the couch, and when I got up the thermometer read 36 degrees that was in the kitchen window. Your mother and Sadie did fine with the electric blanket. We taped the windows with plastic, and covered other holes, that should help the house to stay warm.

We ate with Joe Monday night – ham sandwich, slaw, and potato salad. I have been washing Sunday dishes, and I think that you all are capable of doing some of the chores when you come for the weekend. Remember this is not the Hyatt Regency.

I’m anxious to hear about your school work, public speaking, sewing and your cooking. O! Melinda, the next meal at Glamor Manor you will fix, I will tell you one thing – you must make biscuits ! We (mother & myself) are doing fine on our diets.

Enclosed a small love offering for you all. In the spirit of true friendship, I remain someone who cares.

C Bingham


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