Table Scraps

Thursday, around 12:15 am, the Tom cat woke me up yowling. I had Zoe laying on one side of me, and two kitties on the other. He had to wait.

Fast forward to about 5:30 am, and he has his paw hooked under the basement door, rattling it back and forth. I slung off my covers and got up. My bedroom window is just above a low stone wall that makes up the front flower bed, so I opened the window and – well, I didn’t toss him. I sort of set him in the flower bed – and shut the window.

When I turned around, Mama Kitty was sitting at the end of my bed. I opened the window again, picked her up, and set her outside too. But somehow, in the four seconds she was up there, she decided to PEE ON MY BED. When I carried her to the window, she peed on the floor, down the wall, on the window sill and, I presume, continued outside.

I grabbed up my quilt and sheets, held them high and headed for the washing machine.

That was when my sleepy little bare-feet stepped in, can you guess? Dog poop. I stepped in dog poop while carrying cat pee sheets to the laundry.

I hopped the rest of the way. When Sadie asked why I was up, I said “you don’t wanna know.”

In hindsight, I should have made sure the cats were out. And I should have made sure Sadie didn’t feed Zoe any scraps at 10:30pm. It’s our responsibility to care for the critters, considering that we are both in bed by 11, it can be a long night for them.

The good thing is that I saw an absolutely beautiful sunrise that day. It comes up over the mountains on the northern part of the pasture now that it is getting closer to Summer. The sky was soft blue and pink and purple, it transformed into a stunning golden orange behind the silhouette of the mountain range.

Things have been fairly busy on the farm, the weather has been so perfect, I couldn’t tell you the last time I picked up a book, much less written anything down. Spring time is captivating. I want to be outside all the time, if I don’t have a project in mind, it just takes walking out the door to find one.

The garden is coming in so nicely, most of our equipment has a ‘place’ now, a designated spot in the barn or in the shop, it’s easier to get things done when you know where they are. I know that sounds obvious, when my Uncle got very sick, things changed, we haven’t had anyone to help clean things up for a long while.

But now it’s getting back to where I’d like it to be, and it’s rewarding. It’s good to be able to sit on the porch and look out over all Sadie and I have accomplished this Spring. I can’t believe I have been here a year. I can’t imagine ever being anywhere else.


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