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Down on the Farm

This is from this weekend and I finally had time to finish it!

Today was a great day.

I’m at my desk in my pajamas, hair still damp from the shower, and my face is just the smallest bit sunburned. I know – sun! The weather today was perfect, as soon as I woke up I knew. The sun popped over the ridge like a cork and the beams shone in through my windows, on the floor and on the wall in long, golden streams. I got a cup of coffee and crawled back under the covers to watch it rise.

The horses were as sun drunk as I was, they gathered near the hay rolls and dozed back off. The donkeys were both laying down, eventually Tyla and Seeker laid down too, the colt was fully stretched out on his side. I got hungry enough to get up again and had a bowl of cereal.

After I got dressed, the dogs¬†followed me up the hill. I let the chickens out to peck and stretched the hose up to fill the duck bath, which had been frozen for quite a while considering we hadn’t seen the sun in a few days. We moved the two studs up to that pasture, they play-fight and run up and down the hill snorting and pawing and carrying on. I grained them and they ended up eating out of the same pan. Boys.

I moved some wood from the shed up to the porch to stack, with the pleasant weather we won’t need it right away but you never know. We also had some trouble with our propane tank, which fuels the furnace for central heating. Apparently the regulator was leaking, they came out and repaired it Wednesday so Sadie and I can keep the house warm in the evenings.

We headed down the driveway to the barn, I gave everyone some grain and let the Jack donkey out of the barn. With the two studs across the road, we took down the fence separating the two pastures. Jack donkey wasn’t a fan of all the company, I led him up the hill and put him with the two studs, who immediately began making a huge fuss and each tried to impress the donkey.

Then I went back to the barn and pulled Mama mare out of the pasture, someone is coming to look at buying her tomorrow. She was covered in mud, which had caked in her wooly coat as it dried. I brought her back up the driveway and gave her a bath – it was a little cold for it, but I knew the sun would dry her. She’s a beautiful reddish color with a blonde mane and tail, I sat in the front yard while she grazed in the sun.

The cats came to keep me company and we watched the stud horses play. When she was dry I put her in the barn with a few flakes of hay. I sat on the block near the tack room and listened to her munching. The wind blew the hay and dirt around in the hallway and I leaned back against the worn barn wood wall and listened to the birds sing.